What are you doing with your story?

I wish church folks didn’t call it a testimony. Seems like an unnecessarily stuffy, religious term. It’s a story, and everybody’s got one.

Our stories have the power to help others, if we’re willing to share, transparently and vulnerably, our experiences and what we’ve learned from them. It’s a process that requires courage, because often it means facing personal failures and painful events. Your story can highlight themes that are relevant to the listeners, giving them something to take away and ponder.

We should be careful not to “help” as a form of personal therapy. If it’s about you, you’re not helping.

Some folks are prisoners of their stories. They believe they’re identified by events and choices in the past. It’s an incredibly powerful and disabling lie.

We can write the best possible story going forward. Regardless of what’s happened, grace assures us of a blank page with each new day. God offers the opportunity to write a great story on that page.

Today is a great day to consider what you’re doing with your story.

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