I saw my ole friend Devil

I saw my ole friend Devil
Dawdling t’other day,
Gift of gab unblemished,
Master of persuade,

And I must say he’s aged just fine
Despite the women song and wine
I guess the souls on which he’s dined
Combine to keep his youthful shine.

His stories weaved and wooed
I wept
He promised paths of peace
I slept
And in my dreams I saw a light
That drew me like a moth, the fright
Bestirred a sense of wrong and right
I woke and dodged the Devil’s bite.

I said goodbye, my friend
He left
Sulking, droopy tailed
But soon he’ll find another mark
On which to ply his skills so dark
I shiver, thinking, how in past
His presence on me prison cast.

~ * ~

Copyright 2008-2013 by Roadrunner.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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