Going Beyond The Words

I’m an impatient reader.

It’s a curious weakness, and it doesn’t matter much what kind of material I’m reading. I might begin with good intentions, but as soon as I start reading I find myself looking for the end.

This bad habit makes studying difficult. I blast through the words, but often realize I’ve little idea what I just read. I hate to think about how much scripture I’ve “read” without really digesting its meaning.

So last week I decided to try something different. I opened the book of 1 John and tried to avoid reading through chapter 1 from beginning to end. Instead, I just looked at the sentences until I got one main idea or impression I could summarize and record.

The next day I returned to the same chapter and repeated the process. No agenda or timetable — I just figured I’d keep scanning those same phrases until I didn’t see anything new. Then I figured I’d move to Chapter 2 and just see what happens.

I’m recording my conclusions on Twitter when I come up with something. That’s the other thing–I spend a few minutes and if nothing comes that day, it’s okay. If you want to see the results, follow me: @Rich_Dixon

Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • We’re told to “walk in the light.” Maybe this is a good day to stop choosing darkness.
  • What would change if we spent more time simply doing the truth we know?
  • Easy to repeat someone else’s words. Takes guts to say, “This is my experience and what I’ve learned.”
  • I love God’s economy. Claim you’re free and you’re trapped. Acknowledge your sin and you’re free.
  • I can’t see much difference between knowing Jesus and doing the stuff Jesus said.

I keep thinking that these words came from a man who walked with Jesus, sat around a campfire with Him, and shared some of His most private moments. I want to do more than just read through the words.

I want to hear what he’s saying to me across all these centuries.

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