How Do You Think It Ends?

This weekend our pastor shared an amazing story he experienced as a dream—or nightmare. You decide.

This one’s gonna stick with me a while.

In his dream, he was standing on the platform in the church auditorium when a pleasant, refreshing rain began falling inside the building. It was clear to everyone that the rain represented God’s blessing.

Everyone celebrated and danced as the blessing fell on them. As the gentle, healing waters settled around them, children splashed with joy and excitement.

Then the water got a bit deeper, and parents picked up the smallest kids. As the levels continued to rise, kids who’d been swimming now stood on chairs. Adults started looking around for higher ground.

Someone shouted, “Open the doors!” But they discovered the doors had been locked to keep danger out.

The rain continued to fall, if anything at an even more intense rate. Celebration turned to concern. The pastor watched in horror as panic threatened to erupt, then ran to the side of the platform where there was an emergency door equipped with a “crash bar.” He hit the bar and pushed with all his might, but the door wouldn’t budge.

As the water rose around him, he looked out the window and saw a homeless man standing in the dry, parched parking lot. He screamed at the man through the window.

“Open the door!”

The pastor told us how the story ended in his dream, but I thought I let you create your own ending.

What’s the most meaningful symbolism to you?

What do you think happened? How does the story end?

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