Are You Sharing the Road?

Becky and I made a spur of the moment trip to Iowa last week.

Twenty-two hours staring through the windshield at I-80 provided a lot of time to think. I found myself observing how I treat other drivers.

I don’t always slow a bit to let them change lanes. I don’t purposely give truckers room to gain momentum before uphill stretches. Many times I insist on my own speed at the expense of others’ progress.

Fundamentally, it’s pretty much all about me. I don’t think a lot about those with whom I share this concrete ribbon.

I’m not very proud of what I observed. Frankly, I travel to get where I’m going. Those other folks—they’re in the way.

When I tried, I could change my behavior. I yielded a little more, gave the truckers a bit more room, tried to make it less about me.

I have a feeling I drive like I live—it’s mostly about me.

Jesus doesn’t want a grudging change in behavior. He wants a changed heart.

He doesn’t want me to act a little less selfishly. He wants me to be less selfish.

The other folks on the road have places to go. Everyone’s journey is enhanced when we share the road and help each other.

It’s not about me.

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