How to Make a Decision

1 Kings 22:4: “So he [the king of Israel] asked Jehoshaphat, ‘Will you go with me to fight against Ramoth Gilead?’”

“Should I marry him, Ms. Yvonne?” Carrie twisted the shoulder strap of her purse. “He’s a good man, and he loves me.”

We sat down, and I told Carrie about King Ahab of Israel. Ahab wanted to take Ramoth Gilead back from the king of Aram. He asked King Jehoshaphat of Judah to join him in the battle.

“Did Jehoshaphat do that?”

Jehoshaphat told Ahab, “First seek the counsel of the LORD.” I asked Carrie if she had sought the counsel of the Lord in regard to the marriage proposal.

With her eyes downcast, she admitted she hadn’t.

I suggested Carrie seek the Lord’s counsel. I warned her that Ahab found false prophets who told him what he wanted to hear: to go fight, and he would win the battle.

Carrie sat wide-eyed.

She too could find people who would tell her to marry the man. If that marriage weren’t God’s will, it could turn into a nightmare.

With raised brows, Carrie asked, “What happened to Ahab?”

I told her a real prophet warned him in verse 20 he would go to his death. Ahab disguised himself and went anyway (verse 30).

“Did he return alive?” Carrie sat on the edge of her seat.

“No, he died as the prophet of God said he would.”

Carrie bit her lip and sat in silence for a minute. “I better seek the counsel of the Lord before I marry,” she said.

Dear God, please don’t let me rush into any situation against your will. Amen.

Application:  When will you seek God’s counsel this week?

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