How big is God?

How big is God?

Whatever your answer… He’s bigger than that. A lot bigger.

Human minds don’t deal well with infinity. As a math teacher, I talked to calculus students about infinite processes, and mostly they thought of “infinite” as “really, really big.” Honestly, I’m not sure I understand it myself, but “really, really, really big” isn’t even close.

I once heard a pastor say “man is to God as a single-cell amoeba is to Albert Einstein.”

I understand his point, but I think that pastor was well-intentioned—and completely wrong. If the amoeba could perceive, Albert Einstein might look like a god from its perspective. But both are limited.

God’s not.

God’s not just a bigger, more powerful version of us. He’s something altogether different.

It might be good to start the week by asking yourself if you have an idea of how big God is. If your answer’s YES then you’ve put Him in a box. It might be a really, really, really big box, but still…

Maybe it’s time to remove the box.

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