Why Do Your Believe?

Worship songs, books, articles, blogs—seems like everywhere I turn in the past couple of weeks I’ve encountered this “word.”

Okay, technically it’s two words, but separately they mean something very different.

At the burning bush, Moses asked God for His name. He might have provided some Hebrew name with deep theological or cultural meaning. He might have written His name across the sky with fire for all to see. Instead, He offered what must have been an unsatisfying reply (Exodus 3:14).

“I am who I am.”

Ever wonder why God doesn’t do a burning bush moment today? A voice from flaming, non-consumed shrubbery would go viral, and then everyone would believe, right?

Except, they probably wouldn’t. The bible’s filled with stories of folks who witnessed miracles and still couldn’t follow.

In Exodus 15, it’s three days after the parting of the Red Sea. Seventy-two hours after this incredible demonstration of God’s provision, the Israelites griped about the lack of water. Freed from Egyptian slavery and passed over by the angel of death, they were certain God would now let them die of thirst.

I am who I am.

The One who simply Is.

The self-evident One.

If you believe, the evidence is everywhere. If not, you ignore or forget or explain it away. I don’t think it’s about evidence. It’s about faith.

I think that’s exactly how He wants it.

When someone asks why you believe, maybe the best answer comes from God Himself.

“Because He Is.”

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