Do You Wonder Which Way to Go?

A pastor friend used to look around the room and proclaim, “Nobody’s here by accident.”

As a new believer, that drove me crazy. I figured everybody else knew exactly why they were there, and I had no clue.

Now I know better. I watch people frozen by a lack of direction. “Just tell me what you want,” they cry to God. ”I’ll do whatever You say.”

And then they sit and wait.

I think it works differently. I think God’s happy to direct our steps, but I believe it works something like this.

Jesus says, “Get to work. Work hard. Be passionate. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

“And keep talking to Me. As we journey together, I’ll show you why you’re here.”

I don’t get a map with route and destination all neatly marked out before I begin. Instead, I get a compass and a guide. I’m supposed to trust the guide to provide for the journey.

Almost as though He’s God and I’m not.

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