What Would Change?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about What if___?

The idea was to consider opportunities by pondering their implications.

  • What if … I read a book per month?
  • What if … I made the effort to meet all of my neighbors?

The notion is to think about what might change in my life.

Yesterday I was cranking my bike and for some reason a couple of What-if’s popped into my head.

What if … Jesus is exactly who He says He is?

What if … He was serious and meant everything He said?

Of course I absolutely believe He is precisely who He claimed to be and meant everything He said.

But when I thought about it that way, in terms of implications and what would have to change if someone really believed, I stopped my bike at the top of a hill and stared across a field.

What … if … I really believed what I believe?

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