What If?

rocking chairAs a teacher I was never a fan of hypothetical situations.

I don’t believe there’s much value in “What would you do if…” questions. I frankly believe it’s dangerous to force students to stake out and defend a position without the risk of facing the real-life consequences of their choices.

Recently my friend Jon Swanson proposed a much better alternative to “What would you do if…?”

Jon suggested considering opportunities in the form of “What if …?”

Some examples:

  • What if … you rode your bike a few miles each day this summer?
  • What if … you read a chapter in the Bible each day this summer?
  • What if … you spent some time with a lonely kid this summer?

Get the idea?

Instead of locking you in, these questions open doors and invite us to consider possibilities.

Think about different aspects of life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational. What might happen if you intentionally explored your dreams and goals?

What if…?

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