Whose Team are You On?

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backTeam jerseys are cool and fun. There’s a real sense of belonging, being part of something bigger than yourself, that goes with wearing a jersey.

I’m thinking about jerseys because we just finalized our team for this summer’s Front Range FREEDOM Tour 2013. It’s interesting, and a little scary, to think about bringing a group together for an intense week of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenge.

Deep down, I think we all like being part of a team and wearing the jersey.

One curious aspect of team jerseys is the development of an “us vs. them” mentality. When you’re on a team, people are either on your side or the other side. They’re either for you—or they’re against you.

It’s a false choice, and potentially a dangerous one.

Once you put on that team jersey, it’s easy to assume God’s on your side—and opposed to the other side. This can lead to some good-natured humor when we invoke God’s support for our favorite sports team. It’s not so funny when the issue’s more serious.

I’m spending some time thinking about the issue of teams and jerseys and choosing sides. I’ll share some of it in the next couple of posts. For now, this starter:

The question isn’t whether God’s on our team but whether we’re on God’s team.

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