Experiencing the Work of the Holy Spirit Within

I love to meditate on the work of the Holy Spirit, to whom we are greatly indebted, and from whom we receive such great and invaluable blessings. To Him, I feel that I am indebted, for every good thought, and for every good work. How wonderful His patience–that He should bear with me so long; and how wonderful His loving-kindness–that He should confer on me so much! O if I was only more deeply aware of my obligations!

It was the Holy Spirit who quickened me when I was dead in trespasses and sins–imparting a new life, infusing new thoughts, and producing new desires in my soul.

Having quickened me, He conquered me–subduing the enmity of my heart, the obstinacy of my will, the worldliness of my affections–and bringing every thought into subjection to the obedience of Christ.

Having quickened and conquered me, He comforted me, assuring me of a saving interest in–the love of God, the perfect work of Jesus, the precious promises of the Word, and the eternal rest which remains for the people of God.

Having quickened, conquered, and comforted me, He sanctified me–separating me from the world, and setting me apart for my Redeemer’s glory and praise.

As my Sanctifier, He became my Guide–leading me into the truth, conducting me out of the paths of danger, and directing me into the everlasting way.

Not only my guide, but He became my Guard–preserving me from danger, protecting me from foes, and becoming a wall of fire round about me.

Whenever I wander–He reproves me; when I willfully go astray–He corrects me, and makes me smart for my folly.

The work He began so long ago–He carries on, nor will He withdraw His hand from it, until it is perfected, and I am fully fitted for glory.

What do you experimentally know the work of the Holy Spirit?
Has He quickened you?
Has He conquered you?
Does He comfort you?
Are you sanctified by His presence, power, and operation in your heart?
Does He . . .
guide you by His counsel,
guard you by His power, and
correct you for your follies?

The work of the Spirit within us–is as necessary as the work of Jesus for us! For if the atonement of Christ entitles us to glory–it is the work of the Holy Spirit that prepares us to possess and enjoy it. We must be washed, justified, and sanctified, in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God–or we cannot be saved!

~ James Smith, “Rills from the Rock of Ages”, 1860 {adapted}

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