Still Carrying the Burden of the Past?

Why would anyone choose to begin a week by thinking about the past?

Good question, but I’ll bet a lot of us do it. Many folks approach the opportunity of a new beginning while carrying the burden of the past. Weighed down by guilt and regret, they can’t see the promise and opportunity in front of them because they’re looking over their shoulder at a past they cannot change.

There are some things you can do about the past.

  • You can learn from past successes and failures.
  • You can apologize and ask forgiveness for mistakes.
  • You can sometimes make amends for unfortunate choices.

Note that these positive acts do not actually occur in the past. They each require you to look forward, to determine what’s within your control right now.

I believe our spiritual enemy celebrates when we dwell in the past. As long as we’re there we’re prisoners confined by choices and events we can never change. In the prison of the past we cannot accept God’s grace and look forward in hope.

Let’s make this a week of new beginnings and a time to focus on the light of the present rather than the darkness of the past.

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Copyright 2010 by Rich Dixon, All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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