Do you mean people actually experience quiet?

Psalm 21:2b-3a: “He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.”

Quiet waters? Do you mean people actually experience quiet?

The Bible says “[God] leads us beside quiet waters.” Most of us wouldn’t go on our own. We need God to lead us there gently.

Some women have told me they must go to the mall every week. Others have said they need to go out for breakfast or lunch with friends at least Monday through Friday. Yet God leads us beside quiet waters.

What happens beside those quiet waters? “[God] restores our soul.” When we rush in a frenzy of activity, we don’t give God a chance to restore our soul.

The acronym “BUSY” stands for Being Under Satan’s Yoke.” I prefer the quiet waters to being under Satan’s yoke.

In that place of quiet, God loves us, strengthens us, increases our trust in him, and talks to us about his plans for us. As we sit in his presence, we allow him to fill us with his peace and joy. We also give God time to renew our hope for a better tomorrow.

While we are beside quiet waters, we can talk to God. We can tell him about our hurts and disappointments, and he will comfort us in our pain.

We can also tell him the desires of our heart. God is our heavenly Father. He’s crazy about his kids and is eager to hear about those desires.

When I think of all that God offers us, the things of this world cannot compare.

Dear God, please lead me beside quiet waters. Amen.

Application: What will you do this week to allow God to restore your soul?

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