What Happens After?

After the big event—the weekend retreat, the important conference, the big bike tour—what happens after?

Have you had that feeling? You come home from the life-changing experience and there’s the laundry and the bills. The next morning the alarm clock goes off just like every other day.

Today’s the day after Easter. Jesus is risen indeed. And I pour my Cheerios, drink my coffee, and wonder if today is different from any other day. There’s a sense it should be, that something ought to be different, that it’s as though I take the miracle of Easter for granted.

But Jesus didn’t rise yesterday. Or He did, in the sense that He rises every day. So maybe today IS just like every other day.

Maybe the problem’s not that I take the resurrection for granted on the day after Easter.

Maybe the problem is that I take it for granted the rest of the year.

Maybe this “after” feeling is a reminder to do that a bit less.

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