Are You Walking In the Light of His Presence?

Psalm 89:15: “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.”

To be blessed means to be divinely favored, happy, or contented. I want to be blessed. Don’t you? I don’t want to pass up God’s favor. You probably don’t either.

If we acclaim God, we are blessed. To acclaim him means we applaud him or welcome him with sounds or shouts of approval and joy. You might be thinking, “Now Yvonne, don’t get carried away. You don’t expect me to clap or shout for joy for the Lord, do you?”

Sit with me at a football game, a soccer game, or a car race. I’ll film the reaction of the spectators including yours and will show you the video afterwards. Then you answer that question yourself about acclaiming God.

To be blessed, we will also walk in the light of God’s presence. If we walk in the light, we avoid the darkness of sin with all its consequences. We seek God. We obey him because we know the “exceptions” to our obedience bring heartache.

When we wake up to praise & worship music instead of an alarm clock, we can start the day in the light of the presence of the Lord.

As we read our Bible each morning, we can also walk in the light of his presence. Years ago, I signed a pledge to be part of the BBB Club—the Bible Before Breakfast. The habit of reading the Bible before breakfast places me in the light of the Lord’s presence soon after getting up.

Another way that demonstrates our walk in the light of the Lord’s presence is that we have fellowship with one another. We look forward to going to church and church events. Church attendance is not something we dislike.

 Dear God, the desire of my heart is to be blessed. Amen.

 Application:  How will you proclaim the Lord and walk in the light of his presence this week?

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