Scrambled: The Unexpected Way God Interrupts Our Plans


This isn’t about eggs.

It’s about our schedule, the crazy way opportunities appear, the wonderfully unexpected way God interrupts our plans. Anyone watching would think the whole thing is scrambled.

Have you ever thought God’s work should go smoothly? Ever been seduced into the notion that the church programs should be safe, quiet, and relatively risk-free? Ever thought turbulence signaled God’s displeasure?

I’ll confess—I sorta figured if we were doing God’s stuff His way, He’d smooth out the road a bit, provide more tailwinds, open the doors in a more logical order.

I’ve decided it might be just the opposite. I’m sensing that God’s work might be inherently messy. Maybe smooth, clean, and neat are human desires.

I wonder if selling out for a God-sized dream means accepting some seasons of scrambled.

Your thoughts?

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