Will You Tolerate Interruptions?

I’m learning a lot on this tour. One lesson is the difference between interruptions and distractions.

We talk about being willing to let God interrupt our plans, not being so focused on our vision that we won’t allow God’s vision to interrupt.

When we’re seeking speaking opportunities along the route, churches often respond that they’ve already got things planned, there’s just no space for us to tell our story. I’ll confess I’ve been frustrated about that response. Are they so rigid that they’re not willing to let God interrupt?

You see the flaw, right? How do I know my silly project is God’s planned interruption of a church’s plans? Maybe my proposal is simply a distraction.

One man’s spirit-inspired interruption is another’s unwelcome distraction. How can we know the difference?

For me, one key is getting over myself. This isn’t my project, and I’ll do better if I remember that. When I work like it depends on me and pray like it depends on God, I’m more likely to keep things in perspective.

God’s opening doors through special people like Clark Osborn. They’re not the doors I expected. I think God’s telling me something.

Perhaps I need to let God interrupt my plans.

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