I’ve noticed as I crank along how often I pray for comfort. I basically ask God to take away the hard stretches of life.

Do you ever catch yourself doing that? It’s not about suffering or pain, just wishing away the difficult stuff that’s part of moving down the road.

I’ve decided I would do better to ask God for the will to persist, to just keep moving down the road. That’s how I get stronger. Ironic, isn’t it, that working through a difficult stretch makes the next one easier?

Our culture does a lot to make everyday tasks easier and more comfortable. The problem, apparently, is that we develop a mindset that equates difficult with bad.

Persisting through the hard parts is how I develop character. God cares more about my long-term character than my short-term comfort. I suspect when I ask Him to remove the hard stretches, He smiles and gently encourages me to keep cranking.

What’s a difficult stretch you’ve been trying to avoid? Is it possible you need to ask God for the will to persist?

I’m going to spend the week riding down the east coast of Florida toward Miami. Wherever you are, I hope you…

Have a great week.

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