What Are You Afraid Of?

In about a month I’m going to ride a stretch of road known as “alligator alley” during week three of Florida Hope Tour 2013.

A number of friends have visited the area. Mostly I’m told it’s beautiful, interesting, and peaceful. They describe gorgeous scenery filled with abundant wildlife and unusual birds and plants.

Then there are the kind folks who remind me of oversized pythons and the ever-present threat of gators lurking beside the road. I’ve been having fun with the whole alligator thing, but I’m assured the likelihood of an encounter is really quite small. I’m probably in more danger from cars on the road than animals beside it.

However, I could easily allow the possibilities, the what-if’s, the fears, to block the trail.

A few days ago I wrote over at the Rich’s Ride blog (What’s The Obstacle?) about what gets in the way of pursuing our dreams. I’m convinced that, if we look deep enough, most of the obstacles are rooted in fear.

A dream is the God-inspired desire to share your unique gifts and passions to serve others and change the world.

Perhaps you recall my friend Dick Foth’s phrase based on Jesus’ walking on the water in Matthew 14. TAKECOURAGEIAMDON’TBEAFRAID. (You can read the background in New Words.)

I make excuses…there’s not enough time or money. Nobody will listen. The task’s too big for me.

How about you…what can you add to the list?

And as I record my excuses I hear Jesus saying something like this: “I gave you this dream. I gave you the desire, the abilities, and the passions. You need to bring one thing…faith. You need to believe. You need to be all-in.

“Peter sank because he doubted. He thought he had to do it himself, and he knew he couldn’t. You can’t, either. But you don’t have to.”

I hear Jesus’ words, and I look at my list. The excuses, the doubts…they’re really all about fear. I’m afraid to take the first step, afraid to trust, afraid of what might happen if it isn’t all planned out before I begin.

God usually doesn’t show me the whole path. He often reveals the second step only after I take the first. The world says that’s an irresponsible way to operate. You’re supposed to have a business plan, a line of credit, and a viable track record before you begin.

That’s not how God operates. I don’t get it, but apparently I’m not supposed to get it. I guess that’s why it’s called “faith.” It’s hard, and it’s scary.


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