Have You Become Derailed?

We have a model train with special Christmas-themed cars. It’s a fun holiday decoration, but one of the cars tends to derail frequently. The train still moves along its path, but the derailed wheel makes the journey sort of bumpy and noisy.

It’s normally not a big deal. Stop the train, get the wheel on the track, and it’s back to smooth rolling. But if you don’t pay attention, eventually the derailed wheel topples the whole train onto its side.

I noticed over the weekend that my own journey has become bumpier and noisier than usual. I’ve missed a couple of blog deadlines. Indoor training’s been inconsistent. Little stuff on the to-do list piles up. I find myself distracted by small tasks.

It’s like during the past couple of weeks a wheel has slipped off the track.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever noticed things seemed slightly off, for no apparent reason, and life’s just not clicking as it should?

Most problems start small. We wander a bit off course and it doesn’t seem like a big deal. So we let it go, because the bumps aren’t that bad, and suddenly we’re tipped over in the ditch wondering what happened.

I’d rather avoid words like discipline, habit, and accountability, but those are the rails God uses to help me stay on the path. The noises and bumps are warnings that I’m wandering off course.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead. Monday’s a good day to acknowledge a derailed wheel and get back on track.

How aboutyou?

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