Is A Chapter Opening Or Closing?

Today’s one of those days that helps me see there’s something bigger going on.

Sometime this afternoon some books will arrive. I’ll get to see, for the first time, actual physical copies of the new book. For me, that’s a big deal, but it’s not an isolated event.

Thirteen years ago it took me nearly thirty minutes to complete my first two-block handcycle ride. Three years ago I went public with my dream of a cross-country ride. A year ago we did the 1500-mile Mississippi River trip. Last January I started writing the story of that ride.

Today, a book appears.

You don’t make up that sort of story, and I don’t think you plan it, either. It’s the result of a long series of apparently independent, isolated, unrelated choices. Somehow they not independent, isolated, or unrelated.

We could have a long debate about the theology, about exactly how and how much God guides a process like this. I’m not sure there much point in such a debate.

Here’s what I’m sure about: when I follow Jesus, amazing things happen. When I decide to stop believing in impossible, when faith trumps fear, when I choose hope, my life tells a better story. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

I’m excited to get the book, to see what happens as people read it. I trust God will use it for good, as He always does.

I hope you’ll help me share this story by ordering a book and telling others about it. If you’re in the Fort Collins area, I hope you’ll stop by and say howdy at our book launch event (details are here) this weekend.

You’re an important part of how this all came together. None of it could have happened without the love and support of the people in the circle around this blog (that’s you!). I sincerely believe God used you to help get those books to my door today.

Thank you.

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