In the Line to See Jesus

Psalm 9:10: “Those who know your name will trust in you; for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

How many of you would say that you trust in the Lord? I would.

This month I’ve noticed tickets for sale for breakfast with Santa. Not once have I seen a notice about tickets for sale for breakfast with Jesus.

Wherever a Santa sits at the mall, the line wraps around that area to see Santa. However, I’ve never seen a line to see Jesus.

We dress up to have our picture taken with Santa. Let’s dress up to have our picture taken with Jesus.

The Lord’s promise still stands. He will never forsake those who seek him.

Let’s have an Advent wreath in our home and count the days until the birthday of the Lord Jesus.

Let’s help our children or grandchildren make a Christmas present for Jesus. It could be a colorful Christmas card with a promise to pray and read the Bible each day.

We can also make a Christmas present for Jesus and tell our children or grandchildren about it.

Why not invite friends and their children to our home to make a gingerbread Nativity set or use Nativity set cookie cutters to make Christmas cookies?

Let’s show our family and friends that we trust in the Lord and seek him this Christmas season.

God, help me trust in you. Amen.

Application: What specific things will you do this week to seek the Lord?

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