It’s Not Fair!

No, it’s not.

If it was fair, millions of people wouldn’t lack access to clean water while I leave the faucet running.

If it was fair, kids in one part of the world wouldn’t walk miles for the chance at a basic education while students cut class at the modern, high-tech high school up the street.

If it was fair, the spare change in our couch cushions wouldn’t provide a year’s food for a hungry kid.

If it was fair, most of the world’s population wouldn’t yearn for a home as opulent as my garage.

If it was fair, a crippled guy in Africa wouldn’t have to crawl around on the ground because he can’t afford a $200 wheelchair.

If it was fair, a man who never did one thing wrong wouldn’t have suffered and died so I could spend eternity with God.

Wait…what? Those things weren’t what you meant by “fair”? Me, either.

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