Do you really believe what you believe?

A guy told me a few days ago that the most important thing we can do is tell people the truth of scripture, especially when it hurts.

I asked him to explain. He said people need to know what God says about their sin, and that it’s our job to tell them. It doesn’t matter if they want to hear it, if he knows anything about them, if he has any kind of relationship with them. It’s his job, our job, to tell people the truth about the Bible and what it says.

I hope that’s not true. If that’s my job, I’m failing miserably. I’m not really even making an attempt.

I thought my job was to love people. I’m failing at that as well, but I’m trying.

I believe love is the most powerful force, more powerful than knowledge or guilt or even fear. I believe love is like light—it always defeats darkness.

This guy told me he believed that, too. But he said you can’t just wait for love to change people’s behavior. You gotta confront them with the truth, because that’s the only way they’ll change.

He said he believed in love, but apparently he didn’t really believe what he believed.

How about you?

Do you know what you believe?

Do you really believe what you believe?

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