Freed from My Chains

Psalm 116:16: “O LORD . . . you have freed me from my chains.”

I’ve never been imprisoned physically, but I was in prison spiritually and emotionally. Before I became a Christian, I was in chains to sin and separated from God. Through faith in Jesus Christ, I was set free. I know when I die I will go straight to heaven. Praise God.

Before I became a Christian and for many years afterward, I was in chains to fear and perfectionism. I was a slave to people pleasing. I thank God for his grace and strength to be freed from my chains of fear and perfectionism.

Freedom from my chains helps me to focus on God and to please him instead of anyone else.

Perhaps you are in chains to the appearance of your home and need to have a spotless home every day of the week. I remember those days in my life.

Perhaps you are in chains to what people think of your Christmas decorations and spend too much time and money on them.

Maybe you are a slave to people pleasing and will buy Christmas gifts beyond what you can afford.

Perhaps you will take time you don’t have to bake Christmas cookies like I did one year because you think “everyone” will take homemade cookies to the party.
Maybe you will write and mail several hundred Christmas cards although you would prefer to donate the money to your favorite charity.

Whatever the chains, allow God to set you free.

Dear God, please free me from my chains. Amen.

Application: In what area of your life will you ask God to free you this week?

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