Ever Been A Victim?

I have.

I observed an all-too-familiar situation this weekend. The details don’t matter, but the principle is essential.

It sounds like the lyrics to a bad country song. When you look around at where you are, the one thing you know for sure is…there you are.

Circumstances just are. Perhaps we could have made better choices, done something different, to change things. Or maybe not. Doesn’t really matter, because that’s all in the past.

Wherever you are…there you are.

I’ve been there a million times and listened to the same stupid lie. You know, the one that says I’m stuck here with no choices. I’m a victim of my circumstances.

It’s a lie. I’m not a victim. Unless I choose to be.

Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” (I think they turned that into a country song, too.)

I can’t always choose my circumstances, where I stand (or sit). But I CAN choose my attitude. I can decide to give up and wallow in my misery. Or I can choose to face forward with hope, a confident expectation that God will keep His promises.

I don’t say that lightly. I don’t claim it’s easy, because I know from painful personal experience that it’s not.

But “victim” is a choice, one that limits options and makes dreams seem impossible. Hope is a choice, too.

Hope changes what’s possible.

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