Change: Maybe Today is the Day

In thirty-five years as an educator I worked with some incredibly creative individuals. We discovered that, like any large organization, systematic change was often easy to talk about but difficult to accomplish. I developed my own semi-sarcastic adage:

The only problem with change is that you have to do something different.

I suspect we’re all a little bit in favor of changing someone else. It’s pretty easy to see what they need to improve, and a little tougher to ask what the person in the mirror might do differently.

“Change” is on my mind right now because I need to alter some of the stuff I’m doing. I’ve known it for a while, but the sad fact is, “I don’t wanna!”

However, the simple fact is I’m not focusing my efforts in the most effective ways. I need to change, which means making some difficult choices and facing some short-term discomfort.

I’m telling you this for two reasons. First, I’ve learned that telling others is a good initial step toward a making and keeping a commitment. So you’re going to see some changes here soon. I’ll let you know detail as soon as I get them all worked out.

But I’m also wondering what changes you’ve been putting off. What do you need to do differently? What’s something you know you need to address but you’ve been saying, “I don’t wanna!”

Maybe today’s the day.

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