Why Didn’t God Self Publish?

Do you ever wonder why God used such a convoluted process to produce the bible?

God’s not a very efficient publisher. It seems to me that He could have revealed Himself in a much less complicated manner.

Why did He use multiple authors over thousands of years, writing obscure, fragile manuscripts in ancient languages? Why did He reveal so much central theology in letters to specific churches? Why include the same stories told from different perspectives?

Some well-placed lightning bolts could have produced a few thousand engraved stone tablets, right? Heavenly Publishing Company would have had a great business model by providing occasional updates as language and culture evolved.

For that matter, why didn’t Jesus just write the bible while He was here? Surely He could have whipped out a nice double-spaced, spell-checked manuscript sometime during those thirty-three years. He could have self-published and saved everyone a lot of time and struggle.

I’m sure God had His reasons for compiling scripture as He did. Personally, I’d have chosen a more streamlined process. He didn’t ask my opinion.

But earlier this week I realized that God produced the bible the same way He does most things—He worked through ordinary people.

Why doesn’t He just snap His celestial fingers and solve problems like hunger and human trafficking? I don’t know, but it’s clear that He’s chosen to partner with us to address the issues He cares about in a broken world. He equips us, lives in us, inspires and walks with us.

Then He releases you and me and offers the opportunity to be His hands and feet. We get-to be Jesus in blue jeans to the world.

Sure, Jesus could have written the bible while He was here, but that’s not how He works. He became human to save the world, because only He could do that.

He offers to share the rest of the journey with you and me.

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