Serious – What’s REALLY Important?

For today, a momentous, significant, important word-of-the-week…

I think we’re too serious, most of the time, about most things.

Becky’s reading a wonderful book called Love Does, by Bob Goff. I’m struck by how often she giggles out loud as she’s reading.

Bob writes deeply and passionately about following Jesus in the real world. Frequently, that means recounting his human failures and shortcomings. The humor’s authentic, and I have a sense that Jesus might giggle a bit as well at some of his escapades.

I’ve discovered that the people I trust the most usually have a good sense about what really matters. They stand firm on essentials, but they almost never take themselves too seriously.

There’s an art to being deadly serious about serious issues while retaining the ability to laugh at ourselves. There’s wisdom in knowing when to laugh and when to cry.

I often picture Jesus shaking His head and chuckling as I bumble through life, pretending I have it all figured out. When I’m most balanced, I laugh along.

Let’s be serious about the serious stuff. And let’s remember that most of our stuff just isn’t all that serious.

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