Ripples Across the Surface of Your Soul

I’ve been thinking and writing about Influence for a few days. I have no desire for power, but I want to be intentional about enhancing my influence.

Last week I compared our influence to the Ripples created by a falling leaf on the surface of a pond.

I like this image because it portrays influence as a subtle, long-term notion. When I list the folks who’ve influenced me the most, I see long-term relationships based on respect and service. You?

Power demands attention. It plows noisily through the water, disturbing everything in its path with no regard for the harm or destruction in its wake. Power cares only about its own needs.

Influence operates more like the leaf, touching softly, creating ripples often seen only in retrospect.

Think of some people who’ve coerced and controlled you using their power—a boss, parent, family member. For me, these were folks I endured and tried to survive. Their lasting impact, if any, consists mostly of scars formed over painful memories.

Now think of those who’ve influenced you, whose impact still ripples across the surface of your soul—a teacher, parent, coworker, or friend. I recall these people with a smile of gratitude.

Those are the models I want to emulate.

This is a good week to purposefully let go of power and work on boosting our influence.

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