When Was The Last Time You Said “Wow!” ?

Yesterday I commented on Blessings. I heard someone say life was so amazing he just stopped and applauded. Literally, he paused right in his tracks and gave life a one-man round of applause.

I’ll bet God appreciated that. It’s not that He needs our recognition, but He gets a pretty steady stream of complaints, worries, and requests for changed situations. I’m thinking He’s pleased when His work moves someone to a genuine, spontaneous expression of emotion because life’s just really cool.

I tend to get all wrapped up in finding something deep and thought-provoking. I’m always looking for patterns, connections, and insights. I suppose that’s mostly a good thing.

But I don’t recall the last time I just looked around at all God’s given me, did a fist-pump, and said, “Wow!”

I wonder why.

Have you ever felt like giving God a one-person ovation? What was happening? Did you do it?

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