The Way To Balance

The more I think about it, the more I like my metaphor (or is it an analogy?) that following Jesus is like walking a tight rope. Is it okay to admit that I like my own metaphor?

This weekend our pastor reminded us that early Christians were called followers of The Way and that Jesus described Himself as The Way.

As he talked about The Way, I thought about the day of Sharing Hope that happened in Fort Collins over the weekend. Volunteers took professional portraits and gave haircuts. If you don’t see the “hope” in those simple actions, consider the meaning behind parents and kids posing for perhaps the only formal family portrait they’ve ever had. Or calculate the value of a haircut to a homeless person seeking a job.

Those things happen along the way. That’s where you encounter people and find opportunities to establish relationships. The way is where you discover places to serve, to use your unique gifts and talents.

But that’s only one part of the process. Lots of people who don’t believe in Jesus perform acts of great kindness and service. We all know “church folks” who run themselves ragged doing everything for everyone else without taking time to feed themselves.

Following The Way is about something more. It’s about an intentional process of getting to know the One you’re following. Somehow we follow The Way and live with and talk to and learn from The Way. It’s a balance thing.

When you watch someone who really understands, it looks effortless, like watching an expert walk a tight rope. It’s not, of course. It takes lots of practice and more than a few falls.

Lean too far one way—Crash! Lean too far the other way—Crash!

Want to balance? Lean on The Way.

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