Seeing In The Dark

As I write this, a friend waits for one of those conversations with a doctor. Maybe you’ve had one of those discussions for yourself or a loved one, the kind where the test results will determine a whole lot of next steps in your immediate future.

It’s all about what you don’t know. It’s all about waiting. It’s all about trust.

This morning I heard a psychologist discussing the recent theater shootings in suburban Denver and their effects on kids as they return to school. He said that one potential impact of such random violence might be on kids’ willingness to trust.

He talked about teaching “smart trust,” which makes sense. We all need to learn to be careful about whom we trust. But he went on to say there’s never a place for “blind trust.” I disagree.

I suspect he was talking about “indiscriminate” trust, certainly a path to disaster. But I’d argue that “blind trust” is the only kind of trust that really matters.

It’s easy to trust when the wallet’s fat, the pantry’s full, and everybody’s healthy. It’s easy to trust when the sun’s shining and you can see several miles down the path. That kind of trust isn’t really trust at all.

My friend reaches into a future of complete unknowns. She extends her hand blindly, not knowing what she’ll find when she pulls it back. She knows only that God holds her, and the events of her future, safely in the hollow of His hand.

She doesn’t know what that means or where it will lead. She trusts. Blindly. In the dark.

That’s the only place you can trust.

** I borrowed the notion that “trust happens in the dark” from my friend Dick Foth. Dick would probably say he borrowed it from someone else, and that it doesn’t matter anyway as long as God is glorified in the process.

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