The Way It Spozed To Be

How much of the Olympics have you watched?

Earlier this week a commentator made a curious statement. He said the Olympics allow us to suspend reality for a couple of weeks.

It’s an interesting assumption. For two weeks we concentrate on stories of courage and inspiration and sportsmanship. For two weeks, stories of cheating and scandal are relegated to the shadows while we focus on celebration and accomplishment.

In 1968, James Herndon published a groundbreaking book based on his experiences in an inner city school. When he tried to change an established culture of failure the kids were mystified. They said he just didn’t get it, because this was The Way It Spozed To Be.

That commentator’s observation implied that next week we’ll get back to reality, to partisan bickering and divisive rhetoric and news centered on violence, death, scandal, abuse, and every other imaginable negative event. That’s “reality.” That’s The Way It Spozed To Be.

But what if it isn’t? What if we’re being sold a lie by politicians and media types with a vested interest in fostering anger fear and discontent? What if that small group is afraid we’ll peek behind the curtain and see that their version of “reality” is really concocted with smoke and mirrors?

What if reality is really closer to Haitian-American triple-jumper Samyr Laine. Laine’s a world-class athlete, a medal contender, and a Harvard-educated lawyer who roomed with Mark Zuckerberg (he’s FB user #14!). He could have joined the US team and cashed in on his ability. Instead, he chose to compete for Haiti because he believes he can offer inspiration and hope to a country badly in need of both.

What if that’s “reality”? What if that’s The Way It Spozed To Be?

I keep thinking about a quote I heard from founder Gary Hougen at International Justice Mission (IJM) headquarters in DC:

“I was inspired to establish IJM when I met Christians who actually believed that what Jesus said was true.”

If I really believe that what Jesus said was true, then Samyr Laine’s version of reality is pretty close to The Way It Spozed To Be.

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