Clear Eyes. Full Hearts.

Did you see the TV show Friday Night Lights?

The show traced several characters through the craziness of Texas high school football. The team’s rallying cry was, “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.”

I love that expression. I’ve been thinking a lot about it as I ride.

Clear Eyes

To me, clear eyes is about how you look at the person in the mirror. For much of my life I couldn’t look at the guy in the mirror with clear eyes. Too many bad choices, justified even though I knew better, kept us from making direct eye contact.

I’ve learned that you can fool others, but the person in the mirror always knows. When you lie to yourself, you can’t look in the mirror with clear eyes.

Clear eyes means you know you’ve given your best, done what you know is right. It doesn’t mean perfect. Clear eyes means you’ve got nothing to hide.

Full Hearts

Full hearts is about love. It means you’re connected to your colleagues, friends, family, team mates. It means you’re willing to sacrifice for their benefit, for some goal that’s bigger than self-interest.

When you have a full heart, you know it’s not about you. You’ve got your buddies’ backs, and they’ve got yours.

The point, for me, is that the scoreboard is only numbers. Most of what ends up there is beyond your control.

But if you live with clear eyes and a full heart, you win.

Rich’s Ride has all sorts of flaws. I’ll make mistakes I can’t even imagine. But here’s what’s cool about taking a God-sized risk and chasing a dream.

You hit the pillow each night with clear eyes and a full heart.

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