The Gift of You

As we prepare for our ride, I have a question for you:

Do you underestimate what you have to offer?

Most of us tend to discount our potential to contribute. Someone else can do it better, so we leave it to them.

I used to tell students to get used to an inescapable fact: nobody’s “best” at everything. There’s always somebody smarter, taller, bigger, faster, stronger, more articulate, or better-looking.

It’s an important reality that’s often taken to a false conclusion. It’s easy to sit back and let somebody else do it—whatever “it” happens to be. If you’re not the best, why bother?

Why bother? Because you’re unique. You have something special to offer, something nobody else can bring to the table. If you sit quietly, everyone loses. We need the gift of you.

I’m grateful for your presence here. I’m happy, and a bit astonished, that you take time to read my words. But—do you understand how much we need the gifts of your ideas and perspectives?

It’s easy to imagine you have nothing important to say or someone else can say it better. But you can’t know that. You can’t know the impact your thoughts might have on me or on other readers. You might be the person God wants to use to reach someone across the world.

You may never know the impact when you click the “leave a comment” link. We bring what we have. He uses and multiplies it.

God doesn’t need the “right” person or the perfect words. He needs you and me and everyone else in this circle.

Students always said they learned from each other, often better than they learned from the teacher. So I’d challenge them: You’re special. When you keep your questions and ideas to yourself you deny someone else the chance to benefit from your uniqueness.

You, too.

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