We’re on the threshold of a new adventure, completing the final stages of traveling and preparing to meet our team and get going on the ride from Cincinnati to DC.

You know what that’s like. Anticipation, excitement, wondering if you’re ready and what you forgot at home and how it’ll all come together. You’ve been there, right?

It’s easy to feel distracted and scattered, to get your mind going in a thousand directions, to imagine all the possible “what if’s.” It’s a time when you need focus and calm. For me, it’s a time to recall this bit of advice.

Work like it depends on you. Pray like it depends on God. Mark Batterson

I have a role. I need to do what I can, as well as I can. It’s not the time to sit back, relax, and let God handle everything. He wants me as a hard-working partner who’s willing to spend my gifts wisely. He depends on me to do my part.

God has a role, too. We’re partners. It’s a time to stay connected, to share my dreams and fears, to listen. It’s a time to trust Him to handle His role. Hope—confident expectation—assures me I can depend on Him.

The threshold of an adventure is a good place to stop and remember God’s your partner.

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