I Love A Happy Ending

The Stolen Handcycle Chronicles rolls to a happy ending.

Friday morning a Fort Collins police detective called with the happy news that they recovered the bike. Thanks to diligent work by law enforcement—supported by a huge circle of prayer—this episode offered about the best possible conclusion.

(If you’re unfamiliar with this saga, check out When Someone Steals and Adversity And Opportunity.)

This whole story exemplifies what I said along RICH’S RIDE. Media and political interests too often portray us as selfish, bitter, and divided. But we encountered nothing but generosity, support, and eagerness to help.

I’m committed to turning off the negative voices with a vested interest in highlighting and promoting divisive messages.

My community—and the world in general—aren’t characterized by one person who made a poor choice.

I choose instead to see the hundreds of folks who jumped on Facebook to publicize and help secure the bike’s return. I choose to see police officers who might have filed this as one more insignificant crime, but instead pursued leads and took great personal joy in reporting their discovery. I choose to see reporters who worked to tell the story and showed up today to document the happy ending.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (Isaiah 43:18)

I perceive those who offered prayers, encouragement, and financial assistance if I had to replace an expensive machine. I’ll focus on the opportunities, the added exposure this incident generated for our upcoming ride from Cincinnati to Washington, DC.

Who knows how many people will become aware and perhaps even donate to support the important work of International Justice Mission? (That’s a not-so-subtle hint if you want to click this link and check out the details.)

We’re invited to perceive the new things, the good, abundant things God’s doing all around us. That’s the city—and the world—in which we live.

Becky and I are sad for the person who took my bike. Even before the bike’s return we expressed our hope that this event becomes a catalyst for change and restoration.

But I refuse to allow one mistake to become a distorted lens through which I see my neighborhood, my community, or my world.

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