As I thought about the first Easter morning, it prompted me to wonder how I would’ve felt if I’d been part of Jesus’ circle of followers.

I missed the entire message. Jesus told me—in person—exactly what was going to happen. I listened, but obviously failed to understand.

I fell asleep, denied and deserted Him, and ran away. I hid in fear of the authorities. Despite hearing His teaching first-hand for three years, despite the miracles and healings, I clearly didn’t get it. I thought Jesus was dead and gone.

I’m overwhelmed with regret. Once I saw the empty tomb and realized He was really alive, I felt like a fool. I missed my chance. I regret my lack of faith and my unwillingness to support my friend and teacher.

I’ll bet He’s really angry at me, and really disappointed that I let Him down. I don’t think I can face Him. I’m afraid He’ll see only my shortcomings and failures.

I wouldn’t blame Him if He decided to dump all of us and find more dependable followers.

I blew it.

And then Jesus appeared and said, “Peace be with you.”

Jesus didn’t reject His friends. He assured them it would all be okay. Despite all their failures He stuck with them. He used them to spread His message and build His church.

I think that’s still happening today. He’s offering another chance.

I’m relieved. I’m grateful.

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