Touching Others for Christ and what it Means to You

The other day I posed this question:

What if it takes “300 touches” for someone to be ready to really see and accept Christ?

By a “touch” I mean an encounter, an impression, an interaction with Jesus. And of course there’s nothing magic about the number 300, but suppose it takes a certain number of touches for an individual to reach that point of readiness. And suppose those touches happen most often through the folks who already know and follow Jesus.

What would that mean for us?


It’s not about being “the one who led a soul to Jesus.” It’s not about getting credit or basking in the glory of being touch #300. Obviously we celebrate when someone reaches that point, but I don’t want extra credit. I want to be fine with being one of those touches along the way, perhaps one that was never recognized or acknowledged.


If I truly believe this process happens in God’s timing and control, perhaps the worst thing I could do is force or manipulate someone to touch #300 before they’re ready. If I’m touch #147, my role is to prepare that person for touch #148 and trust God. Forcing scripture verses on someone who’s not ready might turn her away and hinder the process. Sometimes I think the biggest obstacle to Jesus is overly “religious” people.


It’s pretty hard to be one of those touch points unless I get out of my own little protected world. I must be willing to interact, in their world, with those who need Jesus’ touch.


What’s the need before me? How can I be “Jesus in blue jeans” to this person, right here, right now? A smile. A conversation. Something more? No way to know unless I’m always asking the question and seeking ways to be touch # ___.

I believe God wants to use us to be one of those touches in the life of every person we encounter. I believe He wants us to seek out those people and engage them wherever they are on their journey.

I believe He wants me to find joy in the anonymity, and the eternal significance, of being touch #147.

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