Who Needs Recovery?

by Michael Liimatta

You probably need to consider seeking help if:

**  The last thing in the world you want to do is talk about your possible areas of “stuckness”.

** Your life is getting to be a repeat of one disaster after another.

** You are finding you feel less and less in control over problems you once thought were under control.

** You have noticed an increase in the frequency of the behaviors that you believe are a problem (lying, stealing, drinking, eating, gambling, etc.)

** You have family members that have begun to show concern about problem areas in your life.

** You feel that you are getting more of the things that you don’t want and less of the things you do want.

** You have unresolved issues from your past that periodically resurface, much to your discomfort.

— Tim Timmons from his tape set “AA means Anyone Anonymous”

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