Touch #147: Leading others to Christ

Do you think you can “lead someone to Jesus”?

The speaker says, “I’ve personally led ___ people to Jesus.”

Ever heard that sort of claim? I always get a bit nervous. I want to look around for scalps hanging on the wall or at least notches in a belt.

I’ve never personally led someone to Jesus. I don’t know exactly how people come to Christ, but I suspect the Holy Spirit is more involved in the leading process than I am. At least I hope so.

On the other hand, I know I’m involved. I know I matter in how people come to know Jesus, even if I don’t know exactly how the process works. And this week our pastor suggested an image that made a lot of sense.

What if it works sort of like advertising? What if it requires a certain number of impressions or “touches” before it really sinks in? And while there’s nothing special about it, let’s use the number “300.”

What if it takes “300 touches” for someone to be ready to really see and accept Christ?

If that’s how it happens, then reaching the place of accepting Jesus is really a trajectory of touches or interactions, each leading an individual a bit further along a path. And if I happen to represent touch #147 for someone during my day, my role is to represent Jesus at that point. I’ll probably never see the result, but that’s not really the point.

Touch #300 would seem like the monumental decision point, the place where the world changed. But maybe it never would have happened without touch #147.

I want to expand on this notion tomorrow. Today I’ll leave us with a couple of questions.

Are we okay with being touch #147? Or do we need the “honor” of being #300?

How can we be more aware when everything we do or say might be touch #147 for someone else?

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