Are You Drained?

Today’s word-of-the-week…

Do you ever begin a week with a drained battery?

Do you know the feeling? The sun rises on a fresh week and it’s like you forgot to plug in the charger and there’s no emotional or spiritual juice.

You know better, which makes it even worse. Maybe you even know why it happened. But “knowing” doesn’t make much difference when the battery’s drained. Grumbling about it and beating yourself up doesn’t help, either. That just consumes more unavailable energy.

It’s easy to face the promise of a new week with a fully-charged emotional/spiritual battery. I try to do that. So do you.

But sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes Monday morning shows up and there’s stuff to do and you can’t imagine how it’s going to happen. I hope you’re not there, but if you are let’s remember a couple of important facts.

First, “completely drained” is a lie. Jesus didn’t leave the building, and we can lean on Him when we’re not sure we can stand on our own. The reserves are stronger than we can imagine.

Second, we know where to go to get recharged.

I’m going to get going with this new week, trusting that reserve power to keep me going while I get my battery recharged.

Whatever your battery status, I hope you…have a great week.

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