For some reason I’ve recently encountered—a lot—today’s difficult word-of-the-week…


We’ve all been in this position.

You’re struggling, hurting with the kind of pain that stops you right in your tracks. And as you wonder where you’ll find the strength to take the next breath some well-meaning friend says, “You should …”

And you want to reply, “Oh, really? Great. That’s exactly what I needed. Because I didn’t know I’m supposed to forgive and trust God and not worry. I didn’t know I ought to love my enemy and find joy in the challenge of adversity. Thanks for the extra guilt, reminding me of what I already know and can’t find the courage or will or strength to do.”

When someone’s hurting and scared, they don’t need me to “should” on them. They need me to walk through the valley with them.

That’s a hard thing. And it’s the only thing that helps.

Here’s to a week without “should.”

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