What is Your Mission?



I like questions.

Our small group is working through Mark’s gospel. We’re still in the first chapter and I’m already stuck on a question.

In one short chapter Jesus sees heaven open and hears God’s audible blessing. He calls disciples. He defeats his enemy’s temptations and amazes experts with his knowledge. He cures diseases and banishes evil spirits.

That’s all expected—it’s the sort of thing God’s son does, right? But here’s what I don’t get:

Why keep all this a secret?

He goes off by Himself to be tempted. Why not let everyone watch?

He tells demons not to reveal His identity. When the disciples tell Him crowds are seeking Him, Jesus leaves for other villages. He heals a guy of leprosy and issues stern instructions to keep the news quiet.


I know the obvious explanations. It wasn’t the right time. He didn’t care about crowds. He wasn’t trying to incite violent revolution.

We can speculate, but whatever the specific reasons we know one thing for sure:

Jesus knew His mission, and nothing was going to distract Him from it.

He knew exactly what He came to accomplish. He followed with single-minded focus the path others couldn’t see.

He didn’t wander aimlessly doing random “good things.” Every action was an intentional choice designed to accomplish His mission. It didn’t matter that others didn’t get it.

We can’t make flawless decisions. But we can choose with purpose—if we take the time to clearly identify the target.

Am I clear about my mission as I begin this week? Are you?

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