What’s A Dream?

That’s a pesky question: What’s a dream?

I think a lot these days about God-sized dreams. It’s a byproduct of talking about Rich’s Ride.

People ask questions. The questions make me think. Thinking leads to tougher questions more than to simple answers.

I think…therefore I am more perplexed than before.

So someone asked, “What do you mean by a dream?”

It’s a fair question. If I’m going to talk about dreams I ought to have at least a working definition. And I don’t—yet. Hence, the thinking.

My first idea was that dreams probably occur in your personal sweet spot, the space where gifts, passions, and needs intersect.

Activities that hit your sweet spot are sustainable even when they’re difficult. Success is more likely because you’re using your gifts. Perseverance is enhanced because you’re doing what you love and meeting your internally hardwired desire to serve others.

Sounds pretty good, huh? But then those nagging questions returned. Does every sweet spot activity qualify as a dream?

What do you think?

I enjoyed teaching. I was very good at it. And surely I served many needs as a teacher. Teaching kids was definitely in my sweet spot.

But teaching wasn’t a dream. In alternate circumstances I might have happily and successfully pursued other sweet spot careers. Dreams are something more specific.

If you’re expecting a magic answer, stop reading. I’d like to toss out some ideas and see what you might add.

I don’t think dreams are about size or scope. People often tell me they must not be dreamers because they have no desire to move to Africa or run triathlons. I think that doesn’t matter. Writing a book or blog to reach an audience that needs your message could be a dream, as might any  number of apparently “ordinary” activities. One man’s boring job may be another’s lifetime dream.

  • I think dreams involve risk. Personal, emotional, physical, or financial—pursuit of a dream takes you out of your comfort zone.
  • So chasing a dream requires courage. When something important is at stake (risk) you’re going to experience fear of failure and loss. Courage confronts and embraces the fear and moves forward anyway.
  • Dreams, I think, entail sacrifice of some sort.

Someone asked if an authentic dream must align with God’s will. I’d say definitely YES. I believe that’s the nature of the sweet spot, but I’m not sure.

I’m also convinced that dreams aren’t limited to a select few chosen individuals I suspect that God plants dreams in every heart.

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