How to Make God Laugh

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.
I’m thinking I might amend this adage. Perhaps another way to make God chuckle is to claim that I understand the details of His plans.

Yesterday I shared a story over at Rich’s Ride about a Divine Appointment.

I believe that particular encounter in that context was a God-ordained moment. But I feel like I need to curb my enthusiastic certainty. It’s easy to get carried away with trusting my own limited perceptions.

It’s awfully tempting to assume that I know more than I do. If I’m not careful I can imagine that I understand how every occurrence fits into God’s plan. And from there it’s a small step to pretending I can know God’s will in every situation.

I can’t and I don’t and I need to remember that. He’s God, I’m not.

I can’t see from God’s infinite, eternal perspective. I can’t see past my selfish biases and desires. I don’t know how God’s omnipotence meshes with human freedom of choice. I don’t know how He incorporates my mistakes and resistance and feeble attempts at obedience into His promise to work for good in all circumstances.

I cannot possibly perceive the infinite calculations involved in God’s cosmic calculus. I delude myself whenever I pretend I know how specific short-term events fit into God’s eternal vision.

It’s not our job to shape events to conform to God’s plans. He’s already got that covered, and His mission will be accomplished with or without our cooperation. He doesn’t need us.

But His desire always involves relationship. He wants us to experience the joy of walking along and being involved in building His kingdom. He chooses to allow us to work with Him and experience the fullness of fellowship with Him.

Someone once said that God doesn’t usually place answers to prayers directly in our hands. Instead, He places them within our reach and offers to walk along with us.

I don’t know how that works, either. But Jesus knows.

Maybe understanding how God works isn’t my job. Maybe I should spend my time getting to know the One person who gets it.

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