Have You Really Fallen out of Love with Your Spouse?

You may think you married the wrong person, or that you have fallen out of love, but this is your feelings deceiving you once again. Do not let your emotions overtake understanding wisdom from Jesus Christ.

The truth is you have not fallen out of love but have lost touch with how to love, because of your negative feelings standing in the way. Many women and men in marriage now-a-days, unbeknownst to them, are rebelling against their true purpose as the husband or wife in the marriage. Neither one is living the Christ-centered purpose set out for them and then they wonder “why” they have lost touch with one another.

God blesses us with Wisdom when we faithfully follow Him by living our marriage to glorify Him. It’s not about us! It’s all about living God’s design of marriage for Him!

We’re so selfish we think marriage is made for us and our happiness! Don’t misunderstand, marriage can be good for all but not when we abuse it and rebel against our God-given responsibilities to each other in marriage.  No marriage will be blessed by God if couples are selfishly doing whatever they want!

Most Christians are so confused about what love really is and what it means “to love” because of the ways of society and receiving erroneous information in the churches. Does your church promote divorce, dating, and feminism, if so, then you are being deceived! These things are not of God.

Real and true love comes from God… what society and the churches perceive as love is not love at all but hate. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4:7-8) 

If you would open your mind to understanding this bit of wisdom for your marriage, it would transform for the better and be blessed because of your change in attitude.

God blesses those who do His Will!

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